The value

“What the hell are you doing?
Why are you even picking these?
Are we going to your father’s marriage?” Jeeta shouts at her daughter.
Rani thrusts her clothes back into the trunk & wear her only phulkari.

“I asked you to bring your Pahzeb (ankle string) & take off this tumba (gold earrings) as well.” Jeeta reminds her.

Jeeta takes both the things from her & put them in a jute bag that already contains a Banka (Thick gold bracelets), Nath (Nose ornament) & Kandi (a chain of silk carrying amulet cases).

Jeeta caressed the jewellery she inherited or her husband Gurbachan bought like these are blessings heated and turned into gold to help them survive the situation around.

She thought Rani should also look at these as it was meant for her but her thoughts get interrupted by an eager knock on the door.

“Coming!!!”, Jeeta shouts but before her voice could even pass through the doors, Rani was already there. she opened the door, without even looking at the person she jumped over and hugged him.

“Rani, I have told you many times you must ask who’s it before you rush to open the door”, a tough voice reminds.

“Why would I ask when I already know, it’s you father,” Rani replies politely.

“So has the army come to take us to the refugee camp?” Jeeta asks even without looking at her husband, tying knots of clothes that has cash, jewellery. She even didn’t pause to hear a reply like she herself ignored her question.

“I hate to say thank God but we didn’t spend much on this house, instead turned all cash in to jewellery for Rani’s marriage. Atleast today we can take it along.”

Father looked at his daughter thinking if it had been an ordinary year, he would have got to see his princess wearing all these monuments of his hardwork & becomes someone’s queen.

The door roars again, “Iqbal here,open the door. Gurbachan opens the door and says “i went to say goodbye but you were not there.”

Gurbachan opens the door and says “I went to say goodbye but you were not there.”

You shouldn’t be here either my brother,  they have changed their mind. Fifty men who came yesterday with a warning has come along with other hundreds and you know why I am here. Please leave before they leave you for nothing.

“I don’t know what shall i say my dear friend.”

“Well I have something to say Gurbachan,” Iqbal says as he moves further to hug him.

“leave everything here that’s priceless and cheap, take along only that falls in between “.

Iqbal leaves as he has other who needed to know the same.

Gurbachan turns back, goes straight inside, he didn’t stop to look around even when he knew it’s the last time he will get to see his home. In their bedroom he finds his daughter counting the coins. On seeing her father she forwards the hand full of coins as she offers him her life long savings.

Anything else you recall jeeta asks Gurbachan.

Gurbachan takes the coins and gives to jeeta, take this everything in-between, there is no way we can take this cheap home along with us, he takes the knife resting on his Waist,  keeps his hand over Rani’s head and slice her neck and here i leave the priceless.

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  1. R kaur deo says:

    awesomeeeee di. ..
    amazing 😘😘😘😘


    1. mahiself says:

      @r kaur deo thanks alot my sister


  2. punam dogra says:

    Loved it………keep up d gud work😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mahiself says:

      @punam dogra thanks a ton


  3. amrita kaur says:

    Great one like it….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mahiself says:

      @amrita kaur thank you so much


  4. Aseem Saxena says:


    There was a girl named Anamika….who got married with a boy Raj just because her parents found out that the boy is working as govt. Employee….

    For Raj Anamika is just a maid or servant and their married life is without any romance and personal life….

    For anamika Raj is just busy with his job and gets transferred to a new place every time.

    One she was working in home cleaning utensils…..door bell rang….

    She saw a postman with a letter….

    Postman: Are you Anamika

    She signed the docs and took the letter….this was the first letter she ever got in her entire married life…..

    She saw that the letter was from Arun whom she loved before marriage….she was so excited and read the letter

    Arun: Hi Ananya!!!! I am back and wants meet you in cyber hub at 5 o clock…..

    Ananya was so happy and felt that now happy days are back in her life….But suddenly phone rangs….she received the call and it was from Raj…..Hey sweetie!!!! I am coming today in next 1 hour….

    For the first time she was not liking Raj’s presence and also was angry with her parents that even after she was denying she got married with Raj and ditched her lover Arun.

    Raj came home and was tired so he went to bedroom to take rest….Ananya found that he is doing something with her mobile….Raj said that she got a message and he was about to call her…..the message was from Arun….she replied she will not be able to come today…..

    The very next day she made an excuse that her friend rajini is hospitalised and she has to leave to see her….

    Raj followed her and found that Ananya is lying on bed with Arun….Ananya confessed finally that she loves Arun and her marriage was a compromise and she wants divorce….

    She came back to home and her in laws started yelling and shouting at her…..the very next day they filed a divorce and after few days got separated and gets divorce….

    Ananya finally was happy that she will be now with her true love but she was hurted that her parents is now not with her as a support….

    She then called Arun….The Vodafone number you are trying to reach is switched OFF!!!!

    Two days past away….again a postman came and handover a letter to her

    It was from Arun….
    When you will open this letter I will be in Dubai…..dont ever try to call me up….it was a revenge that I have to take and I am succeeded now….I still remember the day when you didn’t open your mouth in front of your dad and got married with another boy….I have to sacrifice my love… the pain that I experienced now you will going to feel the same… is a revenge.


    How’s this Mahi??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mahiself says:

      @aseem saxena wow that’s wonderful. I guess you should sign up here and publish it.


  5. Dangerspouse says:

    Wow. That was amazing. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mahiself says:

      Thank you so much dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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