His brush painted the magic and so did her pen.

“Your father is an incredible painter”, and
so should be you, Patricia encourages Sarah. Look at this art work.

Sarah smiles at her aunt and returns to scribble her black pen on a white paper.

“You are his daughter, i wonder how you could not inherit such a beautiful gift”.
“Oh aunt he is blessed, i must say.” This was her one liner she always used.

I admire your beauty and intelligence, but art stands you out as an extra ordinary kind.

Well aunt patty, i think art is a surprise gift that nature presents to us so we have no choice
but to accept. I can surely learn to draw but might always lack of passion to paint.

Look at these colors here, it seems like he invented a few new.
She caressed a modern art work.

Sarah stared at her notepad and whispered, to me Black and white is more fascinating.

I wish you could carry the legacy. People could see the magic of your colored paint-brush,
your paintings could decorate the walls of any famous art gallery. It would have been the best
way to make your father feel proud.

I am sure i will find a way to fulfill that purpose.

Years later, Biography of Mr. Ells Worth Blake “The Canvas”  the best seller of its time, was admired all over the world.

Patricia closes the books, as she finishes the last page. She kisses the painting’s image as front cover page and then words
written below it.

This book is an excellent combination of two different forms of art work, Her old friend Michael says. The writer really has created the same magic with her pen as Ells did with his paintbrush.

Who could have described the beauty of coloured paintings, in black ink other than his daughter, Aunt Patricia smiles as she put the book among the others in the shelf.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajwinder says:

    I believe this one is Non-fiction.
    I really loved this one.


    1. mahiself says:

      Thank you @Rajwinder
      I would be lying if i say no.


  2. kacy says:

    “to me, black and white is more fascinating” – you put that so well!
    like dad, like daughter…
    all the best mahi! wish you all success. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mahiself says:

      Thank you so much dear and i wish you the same 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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