Forgive and Bless

“Mother, where are you?”

There isn’t any corner of the house where Sophia’s voice doesn’t reach but still it returns without any reply.

“I am already late for the college and if you are busy on the phone with aunt Margaret then give me the keys and i will drive.”  as Sophia finishes she expects her Mother to rush out of one of the rooms, refuse her request with an illogical explanation but to her surprise the usual scenario doesn’t occur.

She marches towards kitchen assuming her Mother tied to the telephone wired and this time her instinct doesn’t disappoint her.

“Mother,  why?, before Sophia could complete her question she sees her tears rolling down the cheeks.

“What happened Mother?”

“You are getting late for college. I will drive you”. Diana holds the key and walks out.

Sophia follows her Mother. Both take their places in the car. Sophia eagerly awaits for her Mother to tell her what it is causing her cry.

Her Mother starts speaking without taking her eyes off the road, “It was your aunt Margaret. She has given up on all the doctors, herself and even on God. I don’t understand why all efforts went in vein”.

Sophia understands that her aunt’s fertility report is again negative. Though it’s not the first such report in last eight years but surely enough to lose hope.


Diana continues again, “My brother will be such a nice father. How could God be so unfair with such a noble couple? What sin they must have committed to borrow such pain?”

Then she holds Sophia’s hand and says, “Please remember them in your prayers. Ask the Almighty to forgive their sin if they have any and bless them with a healthy child.”

“Sure Mother”, Sophia smiles at her Mother.

Diana pulls the car to the side of the road.

“Here you are my love. I am sorry if i upset you.” Diana fails to fake a smile.

“That’s alright Mother”,  Sophia places a kiss on her knuckles and waves good bye.”

Sophia walks towards her college but ignores the entrance, instead she takes the door to church right next to the college.

The church is empty and so calm that her foot steps echoes.

She takes place at the last bench, close her eyes and whispers
“I forgive him.”

Tears leave her eyes as she goes further, “He wasn’t a good uncle but he might become a good father. My dear aunt isn’t even aware of the sin she has been suffering the result of.

“Please forgive him and bless them with a beautiful child.”


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