The carpets can fly

yes, i know
yet, i haven’t seen
but i believe

far away
is another world
that falls under the same sky

when stars twinkle
and the moon even brighter
a balcony appears that time

from it comes out a beauty
all she has and she is
must be one of its kind

do not come near me
i am not a girl with such dreams
waiting for a prince
to pick her up on a horse
takes her to a place
even the best on the earth
she orders to the man who follows her

what if i am not a prince
just as young as thee
nor i own a horse
honestly that’s out of my reach

you must have been to mountains
on beaches and seen hills
but there has to be something
you wish to see above all of these

she looks up
stares for a while
then points to the moon and smiles

sure, as he holds her hand
enough from the balcony
i can take you that high
just step on my carpet
as my carpet can fly.

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