I love it when you start with “Once upon a time”.

May your all wishes come true and you don’t regret later. 

Please tell me when you’re done being mad, I am just a pillow away. 

Love someone who is thousand miles away and see how love travels faster than light. 

The moment I start missing your voice, your words follow.

 I wish I could save the past in a bottle. I’d pour a few moments whenever felt empty.

Even God love Black That’s why the night exist Isn’t it?

The blank calls

Do you know the blank calls you receive often hide the deepest conversation.

People pray for a safe journey before they step in, all I ask for is a window seat.

When the girl lost her way to his bed, a woman found the path to herself.  

    In all those she learned to live without me. give her space, have her time to heal, was my biggest mistake to think.

May your all wishes come true and you don’t regret later.

    Her eyes can’t see yet the pain leads her fingers to fondle the bruised nape, She smiles shyly and whispers “Love hurts indeed.”

The best thing about the worse
They don’t last longer than hours.

My hope doubts if he is watching
“Certainly!!!” My experience assures.

The ‪best‬ and the ‪‎worst‬ part of being a passionate reader is you kind of relate yourself to the dominant character of the story. Whatever happens to that character, you feel it has an effect on you,Observe common behaviour between both of you & think what  you’d have done if you were at his or her…

Why liars have short term memory? I mean every time you ask them the same question they come up with different answers. Even if you lie at least stick to that story. Be like a novel. No matter how many times you open it, turn pages, read it, you will find the same sentences, even…